20,95 €

Dark Dragon Books has created this very special Art collection featuring
the best works of todays popular artists working in the field of comics, paintings and gaming industry.
Vincenzo Cucca is a master in drawing female curves. Always fresh, always with respect and always super sexy, he peaks into the lives of Hot Charlotte, Cleo or Vanessa in Pandamonia. Also his art of popular American heroes shows a whole new view of the comic scene. Included
in this artbook is also a section of his best Alien vs Predator work. When he combines these creeps with tough versions of his lovely girls, a new genre art emerges!
The Best of Vincenzo Cucca presents some of his finest work created the last 15 years. With the use of relatively simple tools like pencils and ecoline Vincenzo Cucca creates scenes we all want to be a part of. The fine curves of his drawings are stronger by the use of these techniques. Now you can enjoy the best of his wonderfull art.